Java Caching Benchmarks Part 3 - The Finals

In the third article about caching libraries benchmarking it is finally time for a benchmark scenario which stresses the caches in different aspects. Also, we will analyze if the different approaches to eviction in cache2k have any negative effects and if their implementation is robust and is of production quality (spoiler: yes, it is!).

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The 6 Memory Metrics You Should Track in Your Java Benchmarks

Analyzing or monitoring the memory consumption of a Java application is no easy task, but benchmarks require consistent results. Ironically, when I google for “benchmark java memory consumption” a Stackoverflow question of myself from 2015 comes up first place. Well, two years later after trying a lot of things that did not work, it is time for a summary.

This blog post touches different subjects, including:

  • Try and discuss all the different ways to get memory consumption metrics
  • How to integrate memory consumption metrics in JMH
  • Compare the memory consumption of in process caching libraries

The main focus will be on the first one.

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Java Caching Benchmarks 2016 - Part 2

The work on improving my old Java Caching Benchmarks continues. This post takes a closer look at the aspect eviction efficiency. For this comparison we take Guava and EHCache2 and compare it to the new kids on the block Caffeine and cache2k.

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cache2k - the high performance Java caching library is now Apache licensed!

Good news, everyone! After continuously receiving mails and the growing popularity in the Android community I finally decided to switch the license of cache2k to Apache. Why it was GPL in the first place? Well, read on…

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Java Caching Benchmarks 2016 - Part 1

Looking around, my benchmarks comparing several Java caches, like Guava, EHCache, Infinispan and cache2k are still the most comprehensive ones you can find focusing on Java heap only cache performance. But, it’s two years since I published them. There are new products and better ways to do benchmarks now. So, it’s time for an update!

This post is about some fundamental topics and starts with a first set of benchmarks that compare fast in heap caches with Java’s ConcurrentHashMap. Why this? Well, read on….

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Jenkins: How to Analyze Your Plugin Usage

Ever wondered whether plugins in your Jenkins installation are really used at all? Or do you need to know what plugins you need to install, to take over some existing jobs from another Jenkins instance? Here is how you can find out about your plugin usage, and a tiny shell script to analyze your Jenkins configuration and get an index all the needed plugins.

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About caching exceptions

In the version 0.20 of cache2k we shipped an enhanced exception support. So it is time for some mumblings on caching and how to handle exceptions.

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cache2k v0.20 "Utsire" released

It has been a while since the last release, so this release is rather meaty. The most changes and new lines of code is for the upcoming persistence support. Persistence is yet unfinished, there is still a lot of restructuring and stabilizing going on. Here are the highlights.

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